Changing of the Seasons


Spring sat there

Blessing the Earth

Birds flocked together

Just to hear her sweet melody

Trees stood tall

To protect her from evil spirits

That swarmed like bees

Yet they could not touch

What they could not see

Yet they could not touch

What they could not understand

She held out her hand

And everything she touched

Came to life

Giving birth faster

Than destruction can take it away

Grandmother I see you

I see you helping Autumn

Even though you are not with me

I can feel your precense

And it’s the changing of the seasons


Her name is summer

There she goes

Walking down the street

Strutting her stuff

With a short miniskirt

And a tight blouse

You know the one that drive all the boys wild

The one that all the girls talk about

 Now summer had a way with seduction

She would whisper sweet words for those who hear

Mixed with intoxicants

And she was irresistible

Say the right things and her love was intense


A mixture of blindness and adrenaline

Many nights addicted too high velocity

On motor bikes

Rubbed  the wrong way

And she shifted into the black widow

Kiko tasted her lips

Riding Kawasaki

Lost balance

And cranium smashed right onto a brick wall

She just smiled while

He drowned in a pool of his on blood.

Lovers were also trapped in heat with their blood boiling

Ready to lay a cold body in the street

In an feeble attempt to turn down the heat

Nyc and worldwide city streets

Suffer the consequences.


Autumn gave way

And she introduced to a couple of friends

Her name was Mary Jane

Mr. Walker was his name

Inhaling her fragrance

Was her nature

Ethanol intake

Sipping violently was his game

Warped mind

Where sick thoughts reside

And satisfy

My craving

For a nonexistent future

Im in the dark

Turn the switch on

But my future looks dim

And surviving from myself,

Well lets say my chances are slim

Im so happy I can cry!

Blow my brains out


Now confetti brains adorn

The wall where

my own shadow once lived

and tried to choke me.


Old man winter was bitter and cold

But stole the show

When he decorated the land

With his white blanket.

A childhood buddy of mine

Was restless and

Stumbled out of bed and fell

Only to realize

That she had Lost her mind

Then she finally found it

So she chased it down

A 7th floor building

So when she made it

 I stood by her side

Next to her eternal bed

And I asked her

Is there a heaven for people like Us?

There was no reply.


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