Well, one week, no power still.  Only 88 people in my town are without power still, and of course i am one of them.  Any minute now we are going to have another state of emergency snow storm up to a foot of snow in the matter of hours i guess.  The sky is going to just open up they say.  Then another on Sunday….So, in the past week  my daughter became ill from carbon monoxide, she almost set the house on fire, my son was outside playing and left the yard (which he knows he better NEVER do) he completely disappeared, found him in the woods about 1/4 mile away in his friends fort (needless to say he is punished util he is 35) really thought my son was gone and all I could think is "God please, I dont care about anything else, please just let  my son be ok, I never got to kiss him goodbye"  AWEFUL!!!!  I know there is more, but i cant even think straight right now.  But, what amazes me the most is that throught all of this, I am still smiling and I am still thankful ever second for what I DO have. I am also starting to realize that I am a LOT stronger than i thought.  I am definetely losing patience, especially since everyone in my whole neighborhood has had power since Sunday and it is a 5 minute job to hook me back up,  all i hope is that i have power on Christmas Eve so I can see my the lights on my tree. I love you all and I really hope that everyone has a great Christmas!!  It is so difficult for most of us to truly feel deep, inner joy this time of year, but I am sure that if you search, there is something around you or in you that can give you that warm, beautiful feeling.  xoxoxoxo

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  1. newwayoflife 12 years ago

    listen all thoes howes with power have outside outlet,s go get 3 long extention cord’s & steal some elect. hide them under the snow you know if i was their it would allready be done!! good luck !cat i saw Leminster on the new’s last night. was not a pritty sight!!!!!!!

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