"Through the shadows I see a light. Dimley shining, almost out of sight. Winds shisper in my ears, words that my heart longs to hear. Off in the distance, he calls my name. A faint cry I hear with pain. My heart aches, my breath fades. Into the night’s sky my spirit remains. My love had gone from me, forever distant in his light. As I remain in my darkness, shadowed from his sight."


"The gates of hell have opened. My soul is being pulled. Twisted hatred around my heart. I am just another fool. Trapped inside this darkness my lonliness grows more and more. Yet no light will ever break the silent night. I see the shadows closing in. I hear the cry at night. The full moon has risen once again. Oh how I love the moon. The brightness it shines across the stary night. My heart and soul cry out to its beauty. Only to be held back by the shadows. Deeply gripping at me, tearing me apart. Slowly I feel myself slipping away into the eternal darkness within…"


"Winds blowing through the night, sacred souls following the light. Fading slowly to the shadows. One heart beats. Slowling breaking each step. Into the darkness antoher life fades. Creeping along the way. A watchful eye looks upon me. Careful not to loose me from its sight. I feel its power and presence. Somone speaks to me. The words I cannot hear. Farther into the distance I see a figure. Closer and closer it apporaches gathering the shadows along the way. I cannot see his face. I feel him next to me. A shiver runs down my spine. I know him. I have felt his presence before.Who is he and why is he here? He is not here to harm me. I feel safe. There is somthing he is here to tell me. But I cannot hear his words. He starts to drift away. I lay here in my darkness alone once more. Left to wonder…Will I ever see him again? Will I ever know his purpose? Only time will tell. Maybe his is the key to freeing me from my shadows…"


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