I hate that the littles things in this family turn into war…

It started off all nice and happy,my mom was taking me my brother, his gf, and my cousin out to applebees. As soon as we got into the car things were started. Like wth cant we do one fun family thing without this hell? He wanted to show me his new penny, and i did not here him say do not touch it, just look. So i thought he was handing it to me, and touched the PENNY! seriously!?! my bad i didnt know you would have a freak out. So he screamed at me. "Didn't you f'in hear me say dont touch it?!!!" No obviously not, or i wouldnt have! Geesh! So my mom tellls him he shouldnt be swearing like that and he argues with her and she tells him to get out of her van, but he refuses. So my mom gets upset and gets out, telling jim to just take a different vehicle. So when we leave in the car my mom calls him, or he calls her im not sure. However, they were talking and eventually shes starts crying basically so she gets off the phone. Thats still not good enough for him so he texts her, and idk what it said but i could only imagine. So me i get all silent and just try ignoring this. Yet again i get forced into secluding myself. However kierst and i were texting so it wasnt as bad as normal.

The good out of today was seeing kiersten and while we were on our way to applebees some guy in a car winked and me, and it felt nice. Especially sense i thought i looked pretty good today as well so it just made it all the better!


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