Today is one of my down days I guess, at least for right now it is. Some small things happened but it was just stuff that I just let go of and didn't bother to dwell on. Then my boyfriend comes home and wants to go return some stuff to the mall, I didn't want to go to the mall, but he dragged me along anyways. To be honest, I'm on my period and I didn't want to be there in the first place, so I wasn't paying attention to anything or anyone once we did what we went there to do. I guess he saw one of his friends so he stopped to talk to him, I didn't notice until my boyfriend came running up behind me saying how rude it was to do that and what-not. I told him that I wasn't paying attention and he kept saying that I need to stop being rude and making excuses. When I first came here I'd just walk away whenever he saw a friend and whatever because the way I see it, they're his friends and he hasn't seen them in a long time so if I'm standing there next to him then it will probably seem like I'm trying to rush him and everything. I'll admit that it is rude to just walk away but whenever I did that I honestly could have cared less, and besides, he never even hangs out with his friends, the last time he's seen most of his friends was in high school (2 years ago). But whatever I guess.

The only thing that annoyed me is that on the whole way back home he was sitting there having a one way argument with me. And I'm pretty sure that the plans he had said we had are canceled. Oh well, not like we have the money for it anymore. That's another thing, he got paid on Monday $760. Guess how much he has now? $340. Where that money went I have no idea. He's been driving a lot but I doubt he's spent about $400 on gas. Whatever I guess…as long as there's money for rent and it's not my money being spent then it's none of my bussiness I guess.

  1. snowdreamer 11 years ago

    Men should have periods and come to think of it I think they do have some form of it but not like we do!!!!

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  2. GetBetter 11 years ago

    I’ve heard that guys PMS, but I think it’d be better if they bled once a month while being bloated, tired and feeling like someone is punching them at random times in the pelvic area.

    What I hate the most is that I cry over EVERYTHING! I was holding back tears on the way to parking lot and all the way home.

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