I can't say that I am currently happy and worry-free with my life. That would be a complete lie. But when you really think about it, no one ever has it perfect. All I know is that I am not alone, and neither is anyone else. You always have someone looking out for you, whether they are living or have passed away. No matter what, you have someone to turn to, to talk to, to pray to, to give all of your stress and sadness to.

I realized just today that when things go wrong, something good always comes out of it. You may not notice it at first, but eventually, something beneficial comes to you. For instance, today I was really upset over drama with this boy who hasn't been treating me very well recently. He completely played me out one time, but I gave him another chance, and it seems as though he is doing it again. Iam devasted considering the fact that I have liked him for years. So, all of this hit me today and everything just stung, and worries began to rush into my mind. Worries about my future, about school, about everything. I guess that when one thing upsets me, I begin to worry a whole lot more about things. But as I sat thinking, tears welling up in my eyes, I received a message from this boy that I don't really know too well. We were just talking and stuff, and he really got my mind off of things. Since I believe in God, I believe thatGod was almost talking to me through this boy, assuring me that everything is going to be alright, and that I truly am not alone.

So, when you feel lost or upset, remember that even though it may seem like no one understands or cares, someone is always watching over you.


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