yeah ive felt it before and it was great,

and when i met you i fell,

i gave you my heart,

you meant so much to me,

it seemed you felt the same for me,

i gave you everything i had,

we were an amazing couple,

so happy,

or so i thought,

you ruined my life,

you made everything fall apart,

i have you everything,

you did a hit and run,

and now im left with this feeling,


i dont care about anything anymore,

you got the best of me,

and your always on my mind,

and im pretty sure the thought of me never crossed your mind,

i changed my whole life for you,

i dont do things the same anymore,

because if i did all i can think about is you,

and how you would laugh at me when i did something stupid,

but then you would kiss me,

how when i felt down you could brighten my day by making me laugh,

how when i didnt finish my food you would eat it,

how when i didnt want to talk to anyone you would understand,

how you would always walk me to class,

how you would help me finish homework,

and now without you,

its hard to function,

you were such a big part in my life,

and now that your gone it changed everything i do,

i know i didnt make an impact on you,

i see you in the halls,

you walk her to class,

you make her laugh when she is sad,

you finish her food,

you help her with her homework,

yet you still dont see what you've done to me,

i feel so lost and disconnected in the world,

all because of you,

and how much you love me?

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