So i don't know why I am writing this… I guess I am just bored. Although I did have a question at the same time… So all day I had a pop-tart (just one) during second period. That's like 11ish I think… Nothing else until I got home. I had two tiny star crunches (candy). I've had nothing sense. I was just wondering, is that bad? I haven't really had anything to drink either… so basically I've had A pop-tart and two tiny star-crunches…. I feel like that's bad.
Just a clarification, I don't consider myself anorexic. Some of my friends think that I am though…. I don't eat much, I guess. Breakfast is a rarity, mainly because I wake up late and then have to leave for school but even on the weekends I don't usually eat breakfast because I sleep till noon. Lunch is also a rarity… i can't buy the lunch at school because my mother insists that we are broke. I have no time to fix myself a lunch and even when i do I usually don't fix it. too many bologna sandwiches ya know? I have gone accusm to no eating breakfast or lunch. A meal that I usually eat is dinner but some night I don't even eat that… I feel like there are people in worst situations then me that ARE anorexic. I am not one of those people. I was just wondering if my diet was unhealthy for me. Don't ask me why i decided to ask it on here…. I like a lot of opinions…
Winter Break is coming up (meaning so is finals). I so excited (sarcasm!). I don't want it to come because then I can't see my BF for a least a week…. That will be torture! Sigh…. But I can't wait till Christmas!!!! Super excited… still have to think about what to get my BF and how…. So many things to do, so little time…

  1. MusicHelps 9 years ago

    I think you know that's not healthy , that's why u asked .
    I'm 29 now and overweight but when I went to shool I would never eat breakfast , I think I never had time or couldn't be bothered that early . I also would never eat at shcool because I always felt people were judging me if I ate anything as if I shouldn't be . I was teased for being fat even though looking bak I wasn't at all. I never saw myself as hvng a eating problem , I was fine with eating when I got home from school at 3.30.
    Is it healthy? No . But it's not going to kill you if you do it either

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  2. SapphireSteele 9 years ago

    Depending on your physical self, going without eating isn't horrific, however because of your age and your mental demands, you need a regular caloric intake to help keep you balanced and functioning correctly.  Make your lunch the night before and put a breakfast snack in the bag to grab on your dash to school.  I myself don't feel hunger and find that I force myself to eat to stay healthy and handle work/school/family needs.  I find that if I go for days eating minimal calories, my performance suffers, I feel weak and ill.  Maybe pick up a part time job working in a restaurant where you can get a 'free/low cost' meal out of the deal as well as little extra cash and give you a bit of freedom from the family budget besides.  I hope that helps or at least gives you a few things to consider.

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