I have had depression again due to crap in my life. I have had on and off problems for way too long with my ex whom I am stuck living with for now and I don’t know how long. Well, I could go over 2,000 miles away to my hometown and live with my Mom and make it temporary but I am not sure. So there is crap with my ex. I don’t have anyone I am close to either. The closest is my cat, Luna. Making friends hasn’t been easy anymore. The closest I came to that was a man who I talked to about my problems. But we havent met, and I haven’t heard from him. I also don’t have  a love life, and am on some dating sites. But I don’t know… 

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  1. ninjam 3 years ago

    Hey witchychick. Sounds like we’re in very similar situations… gets really lonely. I’m sorry you have to go through that. I have a hard time connecting on dating sites and an even harder time making friends! It’s tough, I totally can understand that.
    Keep your head up. I hope it gets better.

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