i lay awake at night thinking my mind rambling about thoughts of my day thoughts of the future those are overall general thoughts. if we go a level deeper thoughts about school why i bother going when i hate it there i thought learning was meant to be fun interesting not a chamber of punishment where you sit for seven hours listening to teacher babble. its like in the peanuts where they are talking on the phone and you can hear the person on the TV just fine but on the other end its wamp wamp wamp. i can hear myself think but the teacher is blah this blah that. the stress of school it overwhelming for me because of school i don't sleep i sleep walk and have nightmares if i sleep. i used to love school until the beginning of grade seven. i feel its pointless useless and nobody enjoys it.

what are we waiting for?
To be or not to be that is the question.
why are we even here on this earth this planet of mystery who put us here or what put us here and why do we work or go to school. why do we live our lives in this pattern that we have engrained in ourselves?
what are we holding onto that keeps us here that doesn't let us drift away into nothingness.
hello world we all miss people and we all have bad days.
I'm tired of justifying the questions. but Define a question?
we fight for people we care about nut why? some of us hang on but we are getting ready to let go. is letting go a good think? or should we stick with the pain and reality of life as we know it? will like get better like all the people say it will? there are wars between the vanity's.
everything i can be you should be is that how we are programed to work give our kids a better life than we had? but if we keep building up better life+better +better life= what?

what happens when we run out of all of what we can provide?


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