I contacted a local holistic vet about the kittens. I asked him to write something on my facebook page in regard to early vaccines in hopes that these rescue women who rushed to gang up on me for speaking up when the kittens got deathly ill, might see it, read it, and take his advice.

He did write, on his own blog, about this very issue and it was shocking. I was right about the dangers. (It wasn't hard to see!) He said that he too has had to fight against people unwilling to listen or change. He said many vets outright refused to change. They just keep on shooting innocent animals with all this crap year after year because it brings in money. To heck with the welfare of the animals. What a total crock.

So I "liked" it and posted to my facebook. I doubt the intended targets will even see it. But they all freaked out and went to the shelter and they are trying to save the kittens out there, but still swear it is a respiratory virus having nothing to do with the shots they do.

If you want to read what the good doctor wrote, look for Dr. Will Falconer out of Austin. If you still can't find it, pm me and I will direct you to my facebook page. A good friend of mine up in New Jersey is in process right now of giving her beloved pet cat horrible poisonous drugs in hopes that it will kill the cancer that is literally eating her cat day by day. It has already been put through one amputation. My heart just breaks. This is the second surgery it has had. Dr. Falconer said that shots every year for your dog or cat is useless. His words. In fact, he said it can and many times does cause serious disease. So now I have to worry about what is to come for these little kittens I have, Arnie and Max. I should have stood up to those women, but I totally caved, and now I have to pay for it. Well, actually, Arnie and Max will. Damn.

Good news is they are playing just like naughty brothers. Biting and running, tearing the house apart! They will undoubtedly lead the most spoiled existence in the history of domesticated cats. More good news is, the crazy rescue ladies have totally backed off. Sadly, I noticed the one that really threatened me jumped right in working on the next sad victim. Too bad. She's a lost cause. But one of them is working hard to save the remaining kittens at the shelter. She is totally clueless and misguided medically, in total denial about the vaccines, but she is trying to save the kittens in the only way she knows. It is just a very sad day in the world when people are so afraid of being wrong that they refuse to hear reason and purposely continue on in their folly.

I am exhausted tonite. My roommate ran out of two major medications three days ago and didn't tell me. He had a "breakdown" last nite and I was the target. This morning he told me about the meds. Figures. He can't get them unless I let him take this new laptop into the pawn shop. What a bunch of crazy mixed up people I seem to be around. No doubt I'll get pressured more tomorrow. I have a fixed financial budget each month. He doesn't pay land taxes for this place, but I have to or I lose it. It is extremely hard not to just have a real meltdown of my own sometimes. But I am cool… very cool… Zen, in fact. Totally. Yeah, want to buy a bridge?

My dear Nancy, please forgive me for not keeping up. I wish you a great week ahead, I'm so proud of you for doing all you did and I know all the people will love you at the new job. Bravo, my friend! Very very good! I promise to do better soon! I have a lot to tell you.

Not much else is going on. Two young people came over today. We went out and looked at the land. They have a huge home and are stuck in a tiny trailer park just feet from the next trailer. The girl came highly recommended by another friend, and her bf was really really great as well. I hope that they will find a way to move their big house and do this thing. I would like nothing more than to have some great people living out here. I can share! And it feels really good when I see their smiles and get their hugs. It really does.

Jim on the other hand freaked out. He's afraid I will give them the land in my will. And I am highly influenced to do just that. But I'll be careful. Maybe a 99-year lease might hold everybody quiet! Sheesh!

Tonight I miss my family. Having kids around is great. But family is family. It's just not the same. I will get over it. I have a beautiful second cousin with a child of her own, but she would not leave her San Antonio or her clubs or her numerous suitors…. haha, did I just say that? Suitors? Wow, how old am I?

Ending here, I'll tell you how old. I ran across a nice long poem on the facebook about cowgirls. It was signed Dale Evans. I bet most of you have no idea who she was. Well, she was the partner and singer with Roy Rogers who had the pretty horse named Trigger. When I was little, I had a Dale Evans Prayer Book. I am not a cowgirl, but all my life it was my dream. Thank you Dale Evans. (haha)

So get out there this week, everybody, and spread the love around! Get a voice for the things you believe in, and use it! Be prepared to hit a lot of brick walls and hard-core close-minded people. Be prepared to be called a Conspiracy Theorist! I say, if that is the worst thing I get called this week, that's not so bad! haha – I love you! Be strong, be fair, be square and have a great week!


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