you sit here and said you loved me but as soon as you get another girl on your side you dare laugh at me you said she more than a women ill ever be because she took time off of work knowing she has a son to rasie to help you get your life on track that a little girl who so blind of her own responbiltys your a grown ass man who has everything he needs to be something in life but yet you confind in a mother to help you it time for you to go home and realize how i was the one who sat up there with you at night in till the moring how we talk about your furture how i help you when you left me for her and realize she was cheating on you who did you run to after all these years who bought the clothse on your back im damm sure it wasnt her you was older than me but you never saw me come to you for moeny you had a chance to do something with your life but you made the choice to confind in another gf after gf little boy when will you grow up stop blaming the world for where you are not you had everything but some how you couldnt see it i told you there no better than me not because of the way i look because soon or later your gf will leave your engague again after a week of losing your other gf im not the girl who sit and hold your hand to get you to do something you talk badly about me but you didnt have much to said when i was giving you money buying you clothes after your ex burn them im sorry i cant be your mother your too old to be acting this way life for you is a joke one day you will get a taste of realaity once these girls stop baby you

  1. labbydoor 9 years ago

     and it is?

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  2. thelovelysoul 9 years ago

    wat?? wat do you mean and it is ?>

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