My 28 year old self has a conversation with my 15 year old self.
Me [28] god i was fat.
Me [28] i know why you’re like this.
Me [15] like what?
Me [28] this.
Me [15] i see.
Me [28] i thought you would.
Me [15] you can have my isolation.
Me [28] yes.
Me [15] you can have my absence of faith.
me [28]
Me [28] yes. I know. it’s 1996. you have a hardon for
          trent reznor. believe me. i know. i get it.
me [28] this isn’t you.
me [15] it’s not.
me [28] no. you are not living well.
me [15] who is.
me [28] i don’t care about anyone else but you.
me [15] i don’t even know you.
me [28] you will. i promise.
me [15] i look to you and i see nothing.
me [28] that’s good. we can build from that.
me [15] so does the pain.
me [28] you live for others. their institutions. their
me [15] this world is only going to break your heart.
me [28] with you.
me [15] it is easy to be a coward.
me [28] i know. i do.
me [15] you remember that time.
me [28] of course.
me [15] the story.
me [28] the story.
me [15] it was fourth grade.
me [28] it was.
me [15] mrs. pfiffner. English.
me [28] three computers for 27 students.
me [15] those were the days.
me [28] just wait.
me [15] our story was.
me [28] shit.
me [15] i was going to say.
me [28] don’t worry. i wrote it.
me [15] our creative side. beginning to abscond.
me [28] it didn’t get too far.
Me [15] does it get better?
Me [28] i don’t know yet.

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