So I went on a holiday to another city with a friend of mine. An older friend who took me all expenses paid so that I could help her out on the trip etc, kinda like a companion who did all the organising.

We stayed at a great set of apartments and saw the sights. We got on well and had a blast. Although she is 66 years old, she is somewhat of a bad influence on the partying front and talks to literally anybody.

We drank a bottle of wine beween us each night we were there with our dinner. I didn't feel the need for more until…. she asked me to take her to the Casino one evening and once there we both had 3 spirits and cokes sitting on a couch in one of the many bars.

After being there for a while I saw a group of young men (like half my age and below) come in and sit nearby. Soon one of them came and sat real close to me and started chatting, asking if I liked younger men. He was young and handsome and drunk and quite taken by my cleavage.

Well one thing lead to another and after a short time I followed him into the male toilets and had sex with him in a cubicle. He was sweet, smelled clean and took less than 5 minutes. We then left the toilets seperately and returned to our own seats.

Shortly after we parted, he came back and said goodbye (and that it was lovely to meet me) as he and his friends left on the down escalator he giggled, smiled and waved to me like the young, drunk male he was. I told my friend we had kissed and cuddled and she thought it was just fine not to mention it to friends or partners back at home.

I really enjoyed this foray into my previous lifestyle (I left it and a different city over 4 years ago). It was ages ago now but last night I dreamt about it. I feel guiltier for enjoying it then for doing the actual deed itself.

At the time, I told my friend I wouldn't have kissed and cuddled him if I hadn't had any alcohol and she seem surprised. Maybe I would have. Perhaps I am just a promiscous middle aged woman. Not a reformed young one with some semblance of self control as I had hoped.


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  1. NewYorker8291 10 years ago

    Hi fragilemonsterThough we make mistakes we aren't proud of you can't let those define you. Being transparent though painful is also important. If you feel that you have to get it off your chest like telling your significant other about it would be a good idea. I know how painful it is to tell someone about something we aren't proud of doing. However the quicker we can get it out the better things usually will turn out in terms of having someone's trust. I hope this helps. Stay strong, stay smart, and stay confident.Blair

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