i have been dealing with panic disorder for 30+ years – in the last 6 months i have been consumed by sadness and then lost my husband of 30+ years in January – went for TMS treatments but that made my anxiety and OCD worse – i fall apart at the drop of a hat and think dark thoughts – is anyone else out there like me – my sadness and loneliness are palpable

  1. kelli 1 year ago

    Hi there. I am so sorry for your loss. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were happy and the depression with tolerable? What activities bring you joy? I am happy to chat. I am proud of you for reaching out. I am sending you good and positive thoughts!

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    • Author
      nova70 1 year ago

      Thanks Kelli – thank you for your kindness – there was a time but i feel like i can’t find my way out this anxiety and sadness – what do you do that helps?

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