Many humans will be spending there Easter weekend in their own proverbial caves.  Due to the pandemic, we are resounding to our spaces and people within the said cave.  For people that are not used to being alone (most humans) this increases anxiety, stress, depression, and every other symptom of the underlying issue that is living in our mind.  Humans are strong, resilient, and have withstood many obstacles over lifetimes.  We have more “things” to occupy our time than ever before.  I run every day and I saw a lady skating today!  So funny.  I am one of the few humans that’s life has not changed much, why?  Because I prefer the company of the earth, books, and exercise, over the company of people.  I love people, but most people find me strange.  I am ok with this and I accept it.  So, find something you enjoy, play a game and listen to songs that starts with each letter of the alphabet, clean out the sock drawer, and know that you are going to be ok.  I am here if you need to chat.  Namaste – stay safe and be well.


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