Hola, and welcome to Fri's profile. (It's pronounced "Free" and not "Fry" just so you know. ;))
At first glance you'd probably think this post is me welcoming you (hi there ^-^) to my profile. But nah, this is me being a dork and essentially welcoming myself here. I've had a profile here for a few weeks already but hadn't posted anything yet since nothing "post worthy" had come to mind yet. I've finally accepted that I'm never going to have anything I consider "post worthy" enough so I've finally written something that I plan on putting here. o.o But, since it's rather feelsy (and never mind poorly written D:) I thought I'd post this first, as sort of a buffer. I'm aware this site is called "Depression Tribe", but I still didn't want the first thing I post here to be a poorly written downer, y'know? To all the people who HAVE posted poorly written downers as their very first post, don't be offended. I doubt it'd even occur to me that what you wrote is poorly written. And if it did occur to me, I wouldn't care. This isn't Essay Tribe or whatever. :|Regardless of this not being Essay Tribe and people probably not giving a shit about how I write or what I write, I do. *sigh* Basically I like to make things really hard for myself and I care way too much about what kind of a person people think I am and that is why I hadn't posted anything until now.
It's kind of a relief to have something as dorky as this as a warm up post. Sets the bar low and gives me a chance to settle in (I plan on staying awhile o.o). And, I kind of like being a dork. I've been a part of another social media site (Experience Project) for over 4 years, and I've put my heart and soul, and a lot of effort into a lot the stuff I've posted there… but I've made it kind of hard for myself to just relax and be silly. And I quite like being silly. I feel like I've loosened up a bit over there in the past while… but still. I wanted a fresh start and someone (I know from EP, naturally :p) told me about this place (hey you :3). Almost immediately I'm thinking "oh yeah, I am going to spill my guts on here. All those nitty gritty (and stupid, badly written, random, whiney, bitchy, twisted, silly etc…) things I wouldn't dare post on EP, are going here." So brace yourselves. I'm going to slice my stomach open and let the guts spill where they may. It's going to be nasty. 😀



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