The cd can be bought on ebay, this is a must listen to CD it WILL open your mind.

251024400225 check it out on ebay, very powerful watching.

Psychiatrists say over 1 billion people suffer with mental illness, they also say they do not know what causes it, yet they section people and treat an illness they know nothing about. MMMMM Strange eh. Doctors all over the would make billions in Hospitals, In the past 10 decades more people have died in Psychiatric units than in all the American wars. 69 Billion dollars is spent and earned by the Psychiatric system in the USA alone. This has doubled the Insurance premiums for the Americans. Annually 2 trillion dollars is raked in by Drug companies, and Shrinks can not point to a cure.???? Bethlehem Royal Hospital London was one of the first Psychiatric hospitals. Patients were chained to walls and kept in cages, the man running it charged an entrance fee for people to come see!!!! This was authorised by William Battie, one of the richest men in England at that time. No patients were ever cured there, but many died. A good book to read, RAPE OF THE SOUL by Dr Ty Colbert. Also Reign of Eerror by Dr Lee Coleman. A Dr called Dr Rush dubbed his cure the Tranquiliser, he used to have patients bled, as he said they had too much blood in there heads, and he had them locked into a chair a little like old sparky, then had the head immersed in cold water for hours on end. Another fruit loop Dr Henry Cotton thought removing body parts would make the cure, Tonsils, Teeth, SINUSES, THEN GOING FURTHER DOWN THE BODY, STOMACHS, SPLEENS COLONS, This is a m iniscule amount of info I can if I choose to place on here, want more, mmmm maybe.
Shrinks in the USA gave a 7 year old child Prozac and Lithium, many of the multiple school shootings were done by students on multiple meds like Zoloft, Prozac, Sertaline, and many others.


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