I recived this from my friend today. "You know, I said we would talk and I meant it. But remember, I said we’d talkafteryou gothelpand saw a therapist and I know you haven’t. All I’ve seen you do is wallow in your self-pity and not try to help yourself at all when it’s easy to. People have much worse lives than yours and it’s not fair to them. It shouldn’t matter if one person doesn’t want to be your friend, it’s not the end of the world and you’re just over dramatizing it. Please just get some help so we can all stop worrying about you and get on with our lives. This is childish andunnecessary ." I guess i'm the one who is wrong, I always am. My problems are not important at all, they never will be. I'm just pathetic. I want to say everything i have in my mind here, but im way too whiny and overdramatic. I'll just go away.

  1. Jazmyn_Shaye 11 years ago

    Im not sure if I can be of any help since I dont know the situation but I wanted to try to encourage you. Dont let people bring you down, whoever this is is wrong. Trying not to have self pity and help yourself is not as easy as they think. No, you may not have the worst life, but everyone has a different tolerance levels. I also think its safe to make the assumption that you are not over dramatizing and if this friend is rushing you to get help just so they dont have to worry anymore, then maybe its better if they dont worry at all. Move at your own pace without being coerced (:

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  2. bete_mal_fait 11 years ago

    I recieved one of these letters from my best friends, and for the very short term, I can only suggest and hope that you ride it out.  There are a lot of emotions it is best to let out (safely away from those friends whom it would hurt, and safely away from yourself), and there are a few you'll have to come to terms with on your own no matter who you talk to about it.  Grief is acceptable, and neither are you a worthless person for being depressed.

    In the longer term, there may be a time when you can bring up your feelings to this friend, but you should mostly try to imagine the "next" thing.  I didn't believe in "next" things for a long time, and didn't talk about it with anyone, so in closing, I hope you will keep trying your best on your own but remember that the Tribe is here for you in the short and long term.  Don't punish yourself or close yourself off more than you have to in order to get through this.  Good luck!

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