When it comes to OCD I think I could teach people on this site a thing or two, having had it everyday, I can remember, of my life.  I suppose if I think hard enough and eventually think up something about when I was goo-garing as a baby I probably didn't have it, but every other detail I can remember.

When it comes to disgnoses, the people on this website could probebly teach me two things and more.  You see, I only…FINALLY got diagnosed last year. 

As I said earlier, I have had OCD all my life.  It's strange going about your daily duties and then one day thinking, "I suppose everyone does this".  As a 6 year old inquisitive child I was, it never occured to me that the answer was "no".  I went on playing in the garage away from anyone and doing nothing that wasn't to the count of eight.  At six you kind of think some of these things are fun and exciting, but now I'm fighting the consequences. 

My family doesn't know anything about my OCD struggles, then or now!  I look for support on OCD websites and through my counselor, GP and Psychiatrist.  I coped not knowing, not being diagnosed, but now being a diagnosed OCD 'sufferer', everything seems different.  They say 'you have OCD, the OCD doesn't have you' and I use to beleave that.  When I look over my 24 years and especially the last year, I think I'm starting to think differently.  Either the OCD has me or I've had a total break down!!

My biggest question to anyone that wants to answer it is- with OCD when do you know that help from Psychologists, Psychiatrists, doctors etc. is no longer use?

Good-Luck with that!!\"Sealed\"


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