OCD has almost taken over my life.  There was a time when I would be alone and almost paralyzed with fear.  I was living with my brother and the depression of failure, regret, and the feeling of hopelessness, had weakened me to the point where OCD became a factor in my life.   I remember the times when I was afraid that I would get sick even from touching the ground or that I had to wash my pants and shirts more than once to make sure they were clean.  That was when I knew I needed someone to talk to even if I didn't understand OCD.


I thank God that I am far from those days.  I still have OCD.  However, it is far from the life threatening form that it used to be.  I can now live my life without the constant fear of disease and sickness that I once had.  OCD now focuses on other areas of my life, but these areas are easier to ignore if I am willing to try.  


OCD is in the mind only.  I have to remind myself of this because if I don't then I will go mad.  I have been there once before and there are days when it seems as if the old fears will return.  I have learned, however, that the fears I have always fade away.  There have been times when I was afraid of something only to forget what it was I was afraid of.  Then there are the fears which never come true even if I don't obey what the OCD tells me to do.  When I think about this I realize how foolish it is to be afraid of that which even I myself see as being a lie.


If there is any thing I want some to learn from this blog it is that OCD can be defeated.  It may be painful and cause fear.  However, don't give up.  Defy the OCD and see what happens.  It was the only way I learned to live with it. 

  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Thank you WKUMAR,

    This is my story too.  You can live through anything, overcome ir and lean to live in balance with a chronic affliction as the mental issues often are.

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  2. Magela 12 years ago

    Your comments perfectly reflect what I am going through and what I have gone through my life…the ups and downs.  I remember while in college, my OCD (which I did not I had), went wild.  I remember my sleepless nights frighten because of my thoughts and the possibilities I believed,  that they might become true, and I remember that  despite my illness I did amazingly well in school.  I remember how I learned that I could talk back to my thoughts and did not let them win.  What a struggle this disease is… Let's give ourselves the credit we deserve.  We are a group of great human beings.

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