I want to set the scene for my blog..The song I picked is Kid Rocks new song " All summer long "..It is about summers in Northern Michigan,where I spent most of my vacations my whole life…Back in 1978 my parents bought a summer home in Traverse City Michigan,on Arbutus lake,a chain of 5 lakes we were on lake 4..It was to be a retirement home for my parents.Well,my mom passed away in 1993,and 5 years later my dad retired,sold his house here,and moved up to the summer home.He renovated it and made it into a year round home.This place was my sanctuary.The one place I could go to feel close to my mommy..(sorry,never to old for me to call my parents mommy and daddy)..Well,my dad decided he didn\’t like the cold winters and started to rent a place in florida those months.He met someone and got married 10 years after my mom passed.I am happy for him,do not want him to be alone.In June of 2007,my dad found out he has Pancreas cancer.He decided he could not travel back and forth to his home in Traverse,so he sold it.Me and my sister could not afford to buy it,and we told him there were no hard feelings.The home was suppose to be left to us,but as long as my dad is here that is all that matters to me..

Well,my dad called today.He is going to try and visit this month..I was excited to hear that.

Then,my husband comes home with the mail.There was a letter from my neighbors in Traverse..You see,there were about 5 homes on the one lane road leading to the lake we lived on.All were married couples with kids my age.In this letter my old neighbor says how much she missed me and my husband.Then she goes on to tell me how another neighbor up there passed away.Suddedenly over the summer from lung cancer.I started to cry.Out of the 5 couples (parents) that were up there,2 are gone,one being my mom,now Larry,and my dad has cancer.

The letter went on to say how things are changing so much for my old neighbor up there.

I just really hate life sometimes..I miss my home up north.If I ever win the lottery I will buy it back…



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