Hi all,

I am a bit frazled. I am on vacation, and enjoying writing my book and being away from the stress. Ofcourse the change in routine is rattling me. I know I should not complain but my head is running rampid. Anyway here is a poem I wrote today. It's a release of emotion for me, although I do not know that it will make any sense.

One mis step

could be regretted forever

and you could be doomed to be always unmovable,

staring at one moment, perfecting it in ways It could never be perfected,

if only in you head.

but that would only breed further sadness

as you look forward at what might have been

had you only chose to step on.

A slipper slope of thought rushes over me

like an avalanche

and my lack of sight pales in comparison

with my other fears of late.


I barely can hope to dream of it.

For my worries dance and play

upon all that would surround my peaceful existence.

If I were ever to exist in such a way.

I am like one shut out from the world,

though I walk among the masses

as if I were one of these careless figures,

I see, always dancing in their step

finding themselves where ever they choose to lay their feet.

But I am chained in water ankle deep,

even as I attempt to let the water erode away the cuffs upon my feet,

I steal away, from my efforts toward freedom

to make nets and locks and doors and all manner of things

that would force me to stay,

to remain captive of a different force,

long after my chains have released me of the burden

they once bestowed upon me.


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  1. marnella 9 years ago

    Love it!

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