wow my emotions,a few days ago i was like thats it,ive had enough of ocd,and life,honestly i was at the end of my tether,today i decided not to go 2 sleep in the day,to go out,take my son to playgroup(which my partner always does,as i can never face it),i had to take my daughters coat back for a refund as it was faulty,go to see the doctor ,and go clothes ans socks(where do they all disappear to?),nothing really glam,but all going outside of my 4 walls and my comfort partner gave me many chances to back out,he would take my son,but i wanted to see him have fun,well,i saw a friend there who knows i dont go out much(knows i have anxiety but were not close for her to know about my pure o,she made me a cup of tea as she knew id be nervous,my son had a whale of a time playing with everything and he was genuinely exited as i was there.we sang songs and sat in a circle,i had some ocd moments but i just accepted them and refused to send too much time analiysing them(but i did a little,cant be helped:.) ,but the most important thing is i never let them ruin my day.then,on a roll,i took my daughters coat back for a refund got it changed then went shopping,to the doctors and came home,my daughter came out of school happy,and my partner did tea,kids went to bed,and my other half(who i snapped and moaned at the whole of last week,did me a hot bath,with candles and my fave music,like i say a "normal day" for most,but a milestone for me………and i know bad times are never far away,and i can go down as well as up,but at the moment,i stick my fingers up to my ocd,its not having me just yet xxxx

  1. Quest 12 years ago

    Cool posting, Pinksparkle!  For you, I hope these uplifting moments are more frequent, and the memory of them will help you continue to fight the good fight for your well-being.  Sending good wishes your way.  Quest 

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  2. bluerosie 12 years ago


    Brought tears to my eyes–so happy for your good day.  I know how that goes.  A "normal" day for most people is a miracle for those of us who struggle with OCD.  Even a slight change in my very uncluttered schedule sends me into a panic even as I'm telling myself, "Wait a minute; it's OK, no big deal…." 

    Making two phone calls in one day about a week ago was a huge accomplishment for me.  They were simple, routine.  Took me all of about 5 minutes to make both of them.  But took like two hours or so to prepare myself to make them.  When the good days come take a deep breath and enjoy!

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  3. fallingangel 12 years ago

    I'm happy for you\"\". I felt the same way the other day when I went to the soup kitchen-happy and accomplished. For those of us with OCD, it requires a lot of strength to do things that others probably wouldn't think twice about.

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