My friends, no matter what, in some places, life goes on as usual. Except for a few, and for them it is hell, right here on Earth.

I live in Texas but the state just to the north, our neighbor, is Oklahoma. Many many people live there, just like you and I. In the past days, storms have hit this state, with devestating results.

Near Ok City, there is a town called Moore. A tornado two miles wide, flattened this town. Two hospitals gone, the elementary school, the high school, all of it. People lying buried under the rubble that was once their home. Many people injured, as they had only 10 to 15 minutes to run. The story of one lady who heard and ran to gather her five kids from school, and they managed to escape only to come back to find their home gone. Chaos, debris, all of it, gone. The story said later, that she was treated, as paramedics began to remove the bits of glass and broken pieces from her feet, as she didn't even stop to put on shoes. She just ran for her children.

Today, as we go about our normal lives, I suggest we slow it down a bit. We must learn to take the good with the bad. We cannot run from the bad. No matter what it is. The sooner we face our fears, the better. But even as I say these words to you, there are many things in my life, I have yet to face. I know they are there, and I approach them with many methods and techniques to lessen their impact on my everyday life, but I am still running from them… clearly, because true forgiveness is yet beyond me, truth be told. And until I am able to do that, forgive, I cannot have real peace inside my own heart and mind. Yes, I preach peace every single day. It is a journey, just like today is a journey. It really does not matter the path you choose, for it is one and the same, as mine, as his, as hers, we all travel the same path. For that much, I am certain. Today I am solemn, for it could have well been me caught in those terrible storms, it could have been my home and my life eaten by the tremendous power of that tornado. It could have been me, or you.

If I could, I would load up my van and go up there. Don't know what I could do, but I would do something. I cannot do that, so I do this. I ask you all to send your prayers and good thoughts and hopes and wishes to these people who have been shocked, hurt, affected by losses untold… Remember this day as the day you put aside your own drama for once, and just meditate on the well-being of the children in Oklahoma who will not understand, for those who died, and for all those left standing in the wake of disaster. God bless the little children, all, and please give the adults the courage and strength to stand back up, and carry them out of the storm, and into the light once more. God bless you all, my friends. I am so grateful today. To God, to you, to the Earth… for all her storms and temper, she is beautiful beyond compare. We are all one, and the good and the bad is just our minds trying to make sense of senseless things… it is all one, all created by God, and we are sent here to learn… to help.. so if you can, lend the good people of Oklahoma your hands… Peace People! I love you!

  1. Jul 9 years ago

    Excellent post….I am praying….

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  2. Andie372 9 years ago

     "Nature is red in tooth and claw."  Stephen Crane


    I think we want to do something, but feel helpless.  Other than donating money, I don't know what to do.  I try to skip the news during these times because it's inevitably gut wrenching and tragic and it depresses me.  

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  3. callnkettleblack 9 years ago

    agree!! i just wish most other people thought his way.

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