I'm here to help, i try and help & everything gets turned against me.

My nephew has autism – severe. he beats people up (bites, digs, scratches, pinches, kicks, hits throws things, and throws himself into things) so the other day i was helping the AID -person who is supposed to help us- get him on the bus. as usual i end up having to do it by myself. so the aid that comes to the house in the morining wasnt any help & the aid on the bus didnt do shit, i had to get him on the bus & in his seat. once he was in his seat he was still having a fit & the bus aid goes " i'm not sitting next to THAT!" while i'm standing RIGHT THERE ! & when i got off the bus to talk to the driver I hear the bus aid say – " what am i supposed to do?" firstly if its ur job yu should know what to do. this is a special ed bus by the way. so the driver tells me – if he keeps it up we're bringing him back. . . wtf? right yea so here's the kicker . . . i take him to the bus every morning almost- and get him off the bus- the bus ppl called cps & reported that i threw him in his seat. . . please tell me what the fuck is wrong with these people i did not THROW HIM ANYWHERE! i moved him by his shorts & arm as gently as he would allow me and when he was in his seat he threw himself down in it. I'm so fucking annoyed – i didnt ask to come here and do this – i did it because i knew my sister-in-law needed help & ever since i got here my "mother" has looked at me with this new expression like im doing everything wrong – id really love to see someone come into this house stay as long as i have & deal with what is really happening & see what they can do . . .fucking hate people.

so fucking angry i cant stand it.


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