so i filed for unemployment because im poor lmao i been out of work for two weeks going on three just been relaxing sleeping alot resting you know what your supose to do on a vacation lmao.

i created this site and added like ffty friends and noone talked to me so i just deleteed it maybe people just dont like me. i text my two besties yesterday and they both had nasty attitudes i didnt know men had there periods just like women. i told my friend ill call him at 9 and then 9 came around but i wasnt home i was at home depot and my dad and i were bying wood to fix the house and my friend yelled at me caue i wasnt at home on the phone. then my other so called friend i asked where he was cause i missed hi and he was like bbq's why nasty attitude so

i deleted his number then he called and i didnt pick up cause i didnt want to argue he just text me just now cause he felt bad for treating me like shit

why cant i just meet someone who is beautiful like me funny, caring smart and outgoing who hates to argue bt loves movies loves to laugh shop, read books, themeparks, sports and all the fun stuff.

is it me ? or am i just that desperate that i dont want to wait on gd to bless e with a great friend

do you feel like me like noone excepts you and you feel like you setle for certian friends because th rite one didnt come along yet what the hell like why cant w find our soul besties or soul mades and just be happy im tired of being sad all the time dont you?


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