It always makes me laugh when people say I am not short. The average white male in America is around 5'11" and I am 5'5". Six inches below average sounds quite short to me. I remember always being the tallest in my classes up until middle school. Then I never really got taller. I kind of stopped around the age of thirteen or so I guess and never got taller. I can still even fit into a lot of my clothes I have from around that age. I won't be growing anymore, it's quite unusual for that to happen so late in life as a young adult. So I have taken pride in the fact that I am a short male. Most females I know are even taller than me. And, often I deal with the funny annoyance of girls my height complaining how short they are. Well, quite frankly being 5'1" and female isn't very much a big deal. Genderisms apply much more to males when height is concerned.


I think I have always been fine with it, but the problem arises when I've gotten teased for it from girls. I recall a girl I was good friends with joking about how I was so much shorter than her. For whatever reason, as a male being my size really takes away some of the "man" I would be with a taller stature, according to some invisible laws. It's strange because hearing from girls they would never date a shorter guy, or a short guy in general is quite discouraging because it kind of lowers the prospects instantly. Even the shorter girls I've met make extreme mention of taller men. See, I don't fall into the range of 5'7" to 5'9" which to many is "short" (in a fashion sense). That to me is reasonable height that is much taller than many females. I fall in the female range, which I find to be consistent of the ranges of 5'0" to 5'5", but with the median being of course at 5'3". Then the predicament arises: the girls from 5'3"-5'5" want much taller men for the most part. The girls around 5'0" are more open to a shorter male because shorter is still taller than them, but they aren't common variety. The others is a mixed bag. So my height range is very interesting. It always doesn't allow me to be confident in prospects, and considering my track record it's kind of easy for me to say I've never had much luck, and I do feel that my height may have something to do with it considering every guy I know is much taller than me.


Clothing can even be very difficult for me. I will say that the inseam of 29" can be at times very difficult to find, especially at stores like JC Penney. I have to wear pants at the natural waist line (right under the belly button) or else they will be much too long. Now, this doesn't bother me, as it elongates me and trims me, plus it's classic doing, but it's quite annoying that I am an odd size. Odd sizes are difficult to find. Suit size, luckily I can find easily. Shirt size is decently easy, too. The only issue is that 32/33 sleeve lengths at times can be harder to find with my 16"/16.5" neck size (varies from brands and materials). It's more common with 34/35. Then there is the issue of ties. Many wonder why I spend such a long time tying my ties in the morning. Honestly, it's because I can never get them to the right length. It sounds stupid, but the standard length tie tied in a basic four-in-hand fashion always manages to have the smaller end of the blade being longer than the correct side. Many say to tuck it between the buttons of my shirt, but that is dumb I think. Many of my ties just so happen to be thicker which means they naturally tie shorter. Some are actually shorter, which is very helpful to me. Classic ties were MUCH shorter than they are today (early 1900s ties were often 45" or so, while up until the eighties they were 55" at the most). Today they are around 57"-59". Thank God for Ralph Lauren and his ability to make 55" ties. Some of my ties are just mere inchest away from being the same height as me. That just doesn't work.


The biggest consolation is that actors such as Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and Al Pacino exist. They are shorter males, and proved they could get somewhere (not to mention they were often alongside beautiful ladies in the movies and also were known for being with beautiful women, too). I'm not too worried, no. But, I admit the thought/idea that my height kills prospects exists. It probably in some ways does. But, I stand taller than most men I know do, and that's much more important than physical stature. Prospects? Well, I guess I can only hope they aren't affected too drastically by my leg size difficulties.

  1. Final_Solution 10 years ago

    Guys don't stop growing till their 21. Good luck and don't give up hope!

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    You are from a French background. Runs in my mind that people whose ancestry is Mediterranean are on average less than 5'10" tall. With rare exceptions about 5'8". It is true that since the end of WWII, the Europeans also are getting somewhat taller. But my father was a tall as you and his son may be an inch or so taller. My own son is 5'9". Look at George Stephanopoulos, the ABC commentator on Good Morning America and on Sunday's "This week with George Stephanopoulos" Mediterraneans are short.

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  3. lcfc68 10 years ago

    i must be average then im 5

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  4. GreenTea16 10 years ago

     Wow, i'm about 5'6 and i'm 16!

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