Its been a hot weekend. The temps were 30-35C. Summer is trying to hang on to the last few weeks it has left. Don't get me wrong, i love the heat, but that warm when there is no escape.. its tough. I spent most of Saturday at the beach. Actually in the water too. I prefer to be in the water anyway. Being fat and being at the beach isn't fun. Bikini bodies everywhere. So its best to just get in the water and then no one can see my fattness everwhere. I actually felt sick on Sunday from the heat. Headache all day. no matter how much water I drank. Wasn't exactly fun. Anyway its starting to cool down today so thats good. Plus the air con at school is awesome.

Today was the first "actual" day of school. Yay for that. It was dissapointing however to see only 17 people show up for class. When there is meant to be nearly 30. Really pisses me off when people say they are going to do something, then just decide not to do it. We got our first assignments. The first one is due next week. Yep. they gove us an assignment thats due NEXT week. One week after the first day of class. Mind you its only a 500 odd word discussion. I guess i should get used to it. We also have a major assignment due in 5 weeks. Its a group one. I'm not too keen on group assignments. We were able to pick a community service organisation and do a 15 min presentation on that service. I really wanted to do something around one of the services that deal with mental health, but alas.. no one else in the whole freaking class wanted to do that. So i got suck.. well i shouldn't say "stuck" cos thats really the wrong word.. more like "left" doing CanTeen. Which is a organisation that do work with young people/teens with cancer. It will be interesting anyway. Most the people in the class want to deal with youth/children and women. Which kinda sucks for me coz i don't want to do work in any of them. I'd prefer to work with mental health, or Gender/sexuality issues, or HIV/Aids/Hep C issues. But i'm not doing to limit myself. Can't do that in this profession that i'm wanting to follow. Its just annoying to me that no one thinks that mental health is even interesting. I find it facinating, and i know there is much need out there. From first hand experience.

Generally feeling low.Nervous about the work. But hopefully i'll get through.


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