“It’s been a long time, which agrees with this watch of mine.” Really that would be the only part of the song that reminds me of my old friends from high school and 5 years of after high school. We did some crazy stuff together but we were kids longer than the coming of age novels would allow us to. It’s not like there wasn’t anyone there to catch us at the bottom of the cliff that held blinding reeds that were just too tall for us to see the drop point. It was more like we tricked ourselves by discovering the divide and decided to linger longer in the chaos of our youth. And then what happens when you hit 25 – you are a fucking confused mess. You realize that so much time has passed and that during your adolescent absence you didn’t even recognize anymore who that person portraying yourself in some kitschy play that would die out in history in a quiet fizzle (without the following pop… not even like the fizzle pop candies that rot your teeth out). What the hell were we doing, trying to live without consequence for as long as possible? That shit catches up with you.

I must say that I am disappointed. I always thought that the bonds that we are to make in life have to last a long time. Our youth adds up to be a considerable amount of time – so why not bond to those you first befriended and keep them forever? Like a second family, perhaps? Such bullshit! Most of the bonds we make in life are dissovable and dismissable.There is no bond that can\'t be broken (though there are many people that choose not to break them). This is why it is important to know thyself best. EFF the rest. \"\"
So what is it that will define us and separate us from those that just hinder our own abilities and keep us trapped in the pretentious shallow gallows of our youth. Hehe. I used shallow gallows. I am on a mission as of late… as of the last year actually. One of total commitment and drive (not to a person,not to a place, but to capitalistic intent) shhhhh! I have crossed over into… not a selfish shellfish but someone who merely realizes that personal growth and capita needs to come first. Ack! I almost threw in this lame quote I found in Freud’s theory of psychology. His theories are rather confused and only ever meant to be an engine for further psycho analysis. If you ever come across a psychologist who idolizes the dude I would run as fast as your feeble legs can carry you. The veryname should make you shutter and then perk up in alarm. Point: DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES IN A SESSION. I don’t know if they ask you to remove your shoes or not… but it might give them enough time to block the door or justify their bad faith in Freudian psychology. Beware.
Yes – this will be the first EP of my blog. It doesn’t touch on anxiety much… but boy, oh boy… it will get there… but mostly I think I will blog about my new mission (and I am not talking about the christian kind FYI)
X Aliensexist\"\"

Apologies in advance for run on sentences… 😉


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