April 12th- Today is better than it was yesterday, mental wise. I just finished the SAT and ACT Work Keys yesterday. They told me like a week earlier that I would be able to work through the time restrictions. For example: They normally tell students that they have 50 minutes to complete the writing section but if I finished at 30 minutes I wouldn’t have to wait like everybody else, I would just move onto the next part of the test. Mostly because I’m in a room of my own. But no, they lied and made me take all time to go through it. So I ended up spending 8 hours of testing. Then I went to the store with my mom, two stores for some taco stuff and brownie stuff. We had tacos that night which were really good. Especially since I couldn’t eat all day. I’m glad I brought a smoothie to drink though.

I’m sitting now, waiting for grilled chicken. I offered the idea of putting them in the taco stuff we got yesterday. The smell of the smoke floats through the air. I was watching Scream 4 but now I’m watching Suicide Squad. More like playing it in the background as I have been writing. Chicken is off the grill and in the oven to finish off. Mean while my mom is going to shower to get the smoke smell out of her hair. We had broken up some twigs to start a fire instead of charcoal. We didn’t have any so we make with just this. I have no clue if it is someway dangerous but I can’t imagine it being worse than charcoal. It definitely smells worse though.

April 13th-Today my mom made coffee and brownies this morning. She always makes the best but this time wow they were the best they had ever been. We sat around and watched TV pretty much all day. Watched Finding Dory, it was cute. Then we watched scream 4, a couple episodes of one of her British shows. Oh and suicide squad right now. It was a nice day to just relax and have a movie day to chill, especially with all the anxiety I had yesterday. It was exhausting and draining but I’m glad it’s all over now. I won’t have to bother with anymore crazy testing like that. I’m done. Woo! I was so nauseous the day before, the day of and today-the day after. I’m suppose to have school but I’m not going to bother draining myself even more. I deserve this break. This is a celebration!

April 23rd-This was a late post clearly and I didn’t intend on posting it at all but decided to do it anyway. It’s a memory and though it didn’t read like it, it was a breakthrough of sorts. Progress. I may not feel good today and full of hope but those two days were, despite how awfully they may have started. The way I wrote it was brief and broken, not well written but worth writing anyway.


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