So I've been writing for a while now, and I've finally decided to put some of my poetry on the site. Feel free to comment, critic, and whatever else there is to do on poems. I love opportunities to make my writing better. ^_^

Note: The first four are rhyming poems, and the other two aren't. Also, I dug this up and I've yet to edit them, so I apologize for any not-sense-able-ness. Sanks. =D 




Rainbow clouds drift above,

Slowly basking in the purple rays.

I lie awake, awing the marvels

Of this and those glorious days.

The blue, grassy meadow

Caresses my every curve.

Nothing in this entire world

Can convince me of this absurd.

Green skies hold no limit

To any possibilities.

The red mountains

Will hold me up to my dreams.

A smile crosses my lips

As I enjoy the peace.

I begin to turn over-

I wake up in my bed.

My dream is decease.




Tears of regret and shame

Dominate this terrid game.

Living in the ache of fear

Is what ultimately keeps me here.

My heart yearns for sweet escape.

And it must hurry before it’s too late.

Time wears slowly on by,

Revealing boldly each and every lie.

Final seconds shine brightly before me,

 And soon enough there's nothing left to see.




I cannot breath.

The air is not safe.

I feel it would be better

To move onto a better place.

The toxins seep deep into my skin,

Right down to my very soul.

My brain is losing all sense,

And my body is losing control.

Is there any way to cure this pain;

Escape from this wretched life?

Perhaps there is a hope of relief,

But there isn’t enough of a strife.




Raging tower made from hard bricks and blood,

Smite me where I stand.

Many years I’ve wasted on this lie of a life,

So kill me with your hand.

It was I who created you,

And I who brought you about.

Give me what I crave.

There is a promise of no shout.

Woeful structure,

Please tumble down.

And when you finally do so,

 I will be sure not to frown.




On the outside I’m all alone.

But in my head, there’s always company.

A shout.

A cry.

A yell.

A shriek.

The voices are bittersweet company that keep me sane.

They laugh with me, or scold at me.

One tells me “go” when the other says “no.”

Friendly invisibles, will you always be with me?

My mind isn’t at ease when there is no one about.

The warmth of which you bring me can’t be expressed with mere thanks.

When my voice fails, you are all there to give me my words.

Sweet voices: 

You are my only friends. 


Black Light


The black light calls to me,

Egging me closer towards its presence.

No words can explain the sensation taking over,

Consuming my sense of what there is and isn’t.

The nothingness seems so deceitful,

And yet my heart seems to reach for it,

Am I so wrong to walk towards the light?

Is it so wrong to want no pain?



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