Hi to all

I am new to this ,  but my story is like so many others…. I suffer from panic disorder
it the worst… my symptoms are heart palpitations and sick to my stomach…my mind races go into a sweat 😓 everything goes wrong 😑 I think I will loss my mind and I have a hard time controlling my thoughts !  They can’t get very powerful … so I pray to God and as my Lord Jesus to help me .. and I also take my meds and try to Focus. This got worst since the COVID-19 here at home 🏡 afraid 😱 of socializing .. don’t want to get that …loss some family to it… but before this I was a little better . I still wasn’t going on vacation because of my panic attacks and afraid 😱 of getting sick and not being able to get out … or people looking at me thinking 🤔 I was crazy 😜..so I am home … but I used to go to church ⛪️ but I don’t anymore since some don’t wear a mask and some people got sick 😷 so I been home 🏡 and watch it on TV 📺 sometimes… life can be hard I know by also reading some of the peoples blog very caring people glad I joined.. we can help each other by telling our story..many blessings to all and have a good day 🌹




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