So today's been interesting.

A friend of mine, who is my bf's best friend since elementary school called me today and said she wanted to snoop on her brothers facebook page and her brother and I are 'facebook friends'. She wanted to see what pictures he had posted. So I let her have my password and user name for facebook. Then as soon as I did it paranoia hit me. And all I could think was that she was going to go snooping thru my profile and what if she gave my password to my bf so that he could snoop. Paranoia shot thru me so hard and fast that I thought I was going to vomit. So that got me on a 'password house cleaning' and i went thru and changed all my passwords. I had to write them down for each one so I don't forget. Im a creature of habit and so when I change PW that i've had for months and months i'll totally space. Now i'm paranoid i'll forget. I'm still paranoid. I changed some of them a few times thinking they were to easy. I dont know what i was paranoid about exactly…the only thing that came to mind was that this guy I used to talk to but haven't talked to in years started writing me on Facebook. Things ended angrily almost and he was mad that I was with my last bf …blah blah…stupid drama. And he had written how he often wondered what it would hve been like if circumstances were different…and so on…not that I have feelings for this person at all anymore but if the email was seen by my bf things could be really bad. So anyways, thats my BLABBER.

Still feeling upset and paranoid, anxious and depressed…


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