I always wondered where I went wrong with men. I know I’m very young and barely legal lol 🙂 But i have had a few experiences. Number one always the boys that i care for but i am not lusting after always ask me out and treat me like a princess but theres something not right no attraction!. Or I date a Psychopath who hit me in a busy shopping centre (he was arrested) I still get nasty messages off him to this day! I met various boys but didnt "like" the good ones.  I always fawned after the idiots. I read a book a few nights ago called He’s Just Not That Into You and i realized it was totally true, men aren’t exotic creatures we always think they send out mixed messages when infact they just get mixed up in our womanly brains. When he doesn’t call you or text you back within half an hour without good reason  HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

Yes It hurts its happened to me many times but i realized i have been wasting my time on guys that are never going to treat me right. Like I had a boyfriend who pressured me to sleep with him the night after we did it he didnt call me or text me for days usually he was so kind but then after alot of nagging he finally told me he thought it best we dont speak anymore after that i cried my poor little heart out but then i realized he was just using me and was a prick. He didn’t like me at all which is ok because one day i will meet someone who does.

Okay heres the rules ladysss and fellas i guess

1. If he doesn’t call you or text when he says he will or you have to chase him Hes just not that into you

2. If he doesn’t like the word BOYFRIEND Hes just not that into you

3. If he suddendly doesn’t want sex with you without a medical reason hes just not that into you. Men usually want to rip our clothes off all the time

4. If he puts you down or makes you feel shitty Hes just not that into you

5. If you have been dating for quite awhile and the next step is things like moving in, marriage and babies are putting him off Hes just not that into you!

6. If he has cheated on you and tries to blame it on you hes just not that into you!

7. If hes disappeared on you hes just not that into in you

8. If he has a fear of intimacy (without good cause) hes just not that into you!

9. If he does not respect your feelings or opinions he is just not that into you.

10. If your having breakup sex dont! Hes just not that into you anymore!

and finally dont let him use you thanks!


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  1. WadeAlexander72 13 years ago

    Okay, I have to reply to this one. 🙂

    Unfortunately there are a lot of scumbag men out there. I wish there wasn”t, but the sad fact is – there is. Lots of them. There ARE decent guys out there so don”t lose hope.

    About your ten item list:

    If he doesn”t call or text when he”s supposed to, it may not be all that bad. Men are sometimes dopey (I include myself in this) when it comes to these things and it may simply be a case of them not wanting to come off as "desperate". It all goes down to these supposed idiotic dating rules we have…don”t do this, do this, etc. If the guy doesn”t text/call after a long time, then yeah he”s an ass.

    He may be ok with the word boyfriend – it”s just when it”s used that may be the problem. If you”ve been dating for a while and it”s problem, yeah get rid of him…but if it”s only been two weeks then the word is off-putting.

    I totally disagree with you on number 3. Not all men are sex mainiacs you know. We get tired, we get depressed, etc. Sometimes we just don”t feel in the mood – it happens. It”s like saying if a woman doesn”t have sex with you it means she”s a cold fish/closet lesbian/etc.  If it happens a lot, then there may be an issue behind it – he may be having performance anxiety. Men often feel they have to be these super studs in bed, and it creates a ton of anxiety for us. So we sometimes think why bother because we "know" we will fail and disappoint you.

    If he puts you down, etc…he”s a damn jerk and not worth you time to begin with. Good riddance to the asshole.

    About the moving in, marriage thing – it”s hard to say. Some men are jerks so you can”t win no matter what you do. Some are unsure like women are. It”s a big step. If you”ve  been going out for a while and talked about this and it”s still a problem? Then I would move on.

    If he cheated on you he”s an ass. If he cheated on you and it”s "your fault"? He”s a king-sized ass and doesn”t deserve a moment of your time. He”s trouble.

    If he disappears there could be a valid reason for it. It depends. It could be just that simply dopey guy in action rule…we sometimes do things without thinking about it. He could be very much into you…but is a dopey guy who needs to be told.

    The fear of intimacy rule is another iffy one. There could be reasons behind that. He may be a secret emotional wreck who fears being open with you because he”s scared of rejection. Of course there are also the jerks, etc.

    If he doesn”t respect your feelings get rid of him immediately. He”s an immature selfish ass.

    Never ever have breakup sex. It”s baloney.

    One thing you may want to look at  is the kind of guys you keep going for. There”s a pattern there. We”re all guilty of it to some degree. Some of us go after the unavailable, or some that we think are exactly what we need, etc. Watch for the signs and you will probably save yourself some grief in the long run.

    You will meet someone, don”t worry. And it will be someone decent. Don”t forget, the guys you are dating around your age are probably not all that mature yet. You”ll probably get a lot of frogs before you get your prince.












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