Working with people who have mental illness while having mental illness myself I run into what I call stupid words which make it that much harder to comunicate about real issues. When a mental health worker uses the words, "Fake it until you make it" is usually describing more about the worker than any real viable advide. Coping skills is another term I loath because every time I hear it I only associate it how poor I was using a crosscut saw in shop. It always stopped then jumped and tore a top piece of plywood off. The next word is stupid because it describes too precisely a highly aggitated state thus The word triggering is to precise a word to use when describing a traumatic issue in the past.and often allows the client to escalate a traumatic upset. I've heard clients yell out triggering a dozen times straight and immediately triggered me. Group therapy is also a stupid word. Amore accurate descriptionwould be people sitting around a circle yelling at each other.. But probably the most used but least helpful of terms many of us have heard far to many times. It is when someone says, just get over it. There is no better way to shut the client up than to suggest to them that their problems are not really problems at all but shallow attempts at getting attention. Do I get my money back then if they were shallow attempts at getting attention.

I had a professor whose final exam consisted of this. He wanted you to walk across the room. You did so. Then he said this time when you walk walk as if you had everything you learned in your walk. I got a B in that class but I keep wondering what an A walk would look like?.


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