Something about the breeze tonight that made me feel a sense of reliance. I felt as if there was something truthful about it. It never lies to me. It always let's me know of its presence. The soft touch on my skin. A slight sense of mystery, could this be the brewing of a storm? A storm I want to be caught in. A storm I desire? A storm of not tears down my face, but gentle rain. The trees, the leaves shuffling with that healthy buoyant leafy sound. The sound that only appears in the midst of the Spring, when every thing is in full bloom. There was a sense of strength and courage, with a tinge of power. The way the breeze blew through the town. Its gentle breeze blew my hair back ever so soft as if it's moving my hair out of my face for a full spectrum experience. Euphoria. I closed my eyes, and thought of myself 100% careless and happy and my heart raced with curiosity. I pictured myself in a swing. A certain swing I see in my dreams. In a grassy beautiful area filled with flowers and butterflies. Beautiful flowers I have never seen before, only in these dreams. They are huge, colorful, and smell fantastic. There's white one's, yellow one's, blue one's, purple one's, every color you can imagine. Some resemble Lillie's, orchid's, lotus', even daisies! The air is crisp in these dreams, as it is tonight. There is a huge old white oak tree next to an old quite lake. That swing. The swing I see over and over again in my dreams. It's so beautiful. Old chains holding on to an old piece of wood on each side. Each side of the chains, wrapped gorgeously in flowers. As I approach the swing, I notice the wooden seat has my name carved into it. Glowing brightly in a mint-ish color. I sit in the swing and I start to push off and swing. After a few kicks of the legs, I realized I didn't need to, as some one was pushing me. Every time I turn around to see who is pushing me I wake up. The breeze tonight always brings me to that dream. I see myself careless, smiling with a glow I have never seen before in this floral print braids maid style dress I have in my closet.


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