For Christmas, I find it is only right to mention a few people I've met here that I have found close friendships from.

Grace: Quite frankly, having only spoken to you a handful of times, it's silly that I say that I think you're such a wonderful young woman. You're a complete total nerd, and also such a geek. I mean this in the most complimenting of ways, because I adore those qualities in a person. You also have an appreciation for fine clothing, and I must admit I admire a woman who sees the class in such things. You love Star Wars, I've never seen it. I was very shameful to tell you some things about me, but although shame is usually a bad emotion, it takes a lot for me to tell a person about anything dark about me in full complete detail, and not skim over it all. Especially when it's a person I really feel will be an important person within my life. You're a beautiful young lady, and I look forward to getting to know you better. We'll need to make sure that happens.

Lolita: What to say, what to say. I'd say you brought some confidence into my life, greatly needed confidence. Being 18, it's an age where the mentality of most is in a place that is far less mature than that of a person of your age. You are not old, still very young, but with the correct amount of years to age you. You're quite like a model, but quite frankly looks aren't so important when a person has a great head on their shoulders. I consider you a person I can talk to, a real confidant. You're a person I don't get bored talking to. Of course, everyone on this list is a person I don't get bored of, but for different reasons. You have the honesty of a person I've only known within my own head. I feel as if you understand the problems I have concerning my age conflict, and I think you're allowing me to open up to myself and to become more confident, giving me knowledge that there are in fact women out there that will love who I am for every piece of me. You were definitely a surprise, and I didn't think we'd talk honestly. But, life isn't obvious most of the time. This time, the unobviousness of life worked for the better.

Kristin: I can't say a whole lot, we've spoken minimally. But, regardless, I think we'll be good friends considering our conversations have a flow to them that most don't have.

Anna: Oh, what can I say about Anna? There are lots of words I could use to describe her, but I think it comes down to the fact that she's a genuine person that simply wants the best for everyone. You're a beautiful person, and I don't mean that in the way people say it when they think someone is actually ugly. You're a beautiful girl physically and I think that someday you'll find more confidence in believing. that. You are also extremely intelligent and talented, which for your age is unbelievable. Sure, you have two years on me so it's not really saying much about us age-wise, but I believe you can look into the mirror and see someone much older than your birth certificate age. I consider you a very special person, and even though time isn't on our sides, I think you've still earned a very special place in my life. You have taught me many things, helped me look within myself to find certain answers I have been seeking. It's with great honesty I say all of these things, as I am not the type of person to lie when importance is critical. Yes, I admit I lie, but I feel as if you can hear the worst of my truths, and with that I can say you always get the truth from me, even if you don't want it. It's hard to open up to a person so deeply, so I hope you understand when I show the sides of me most wouldn't see. I care about you so very greatly, and I think anyone I have spoken to about you would agree that these sentiments are not just words, but truthful statements that have been shown to many other than you. I only wish you happiness, and you are someone I hope to never lose.

Admittedly, there are many people I have met, and I am grateful for them all. Whether they caused good or bad. Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. shortbread 10 years ago

    Likewise. Have a fabulous Christmas and I'll talk to you sometime soon! (Ps I'm having a Christmas Eve Star Wars Marathon – you should try it sometime…)

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