I recently made a blog detailing a surprisingly note I had received from my land lord involving the people below us complaining that we "walk extremely loudly", "making rolling noises", "slam/shut cupboards loudly", ect.

Yesterday we wrote a detailed note to the people below us letting them know that WE can hear them as well. (Their conversations, when they clean up, when they shift around, ect), but we don't consider it disruptive because we know how thin these floors are. We also tried to be empathetic by assuring them we do whatever is possible to drown out our noise: we have a carpet on our living room floor, there are carpers covering the entrance, ect. We also explained that our apartment, unlike their own, has not been remodeled. Our doors are very old. Our cupboards are very old. I also offered up my phone number so they can text me in the event that there are any "disruptions", since we do not consider ourselves noisy.

But, I wanted to call Fred, our land lord. I wanted to tell him that he has a responsibility to inform us immediately when such concerns arise (for instance, he said 'numerous complaints' which we had not been aware of), and explain to him how easily the sounds surface. I also wanted him to know that if any action is attempted to evict us (I doubt it will be), I intend to fight it to the fullest. (I think they just state that in the letter.) But I'm too afraid to.

I don't know what I'm afraid of, exactly. Fred isn't my friend. I don't care what he thinks of me. But thinking about contacting him causing my stomach to churn. I feel like it's needed. The letter was unwarranted in our opinion and it needs to be addressed. I've tried to see if maybe we can email him (since he never spoke to us face-to-face), and I may try that approach detailing my concerns and thoughts.

I wish I wasn't so afraid of the unknown. People simply say; "Well, do it!" But it makes me feel like vomiting. I honestly dread it. I dread that these types of situations even have to be. I feel bad that often, I make my boyfriend call. He's OK with doing it, but shouldn't I have learned to on my own?

The only time I feel strength is when I'm enraged. It's happened before — when I was out in public and a server or staff member complained about it. I've actually spoken up to them and shut them up. But unless I get that rush, I can't, even though I'm horribly angry with Fred.

Regardless, now I have proof that we have done our part and if the neighbours continue to complain without consulting the number (solution) I have provided, I will potentially have to take other measures.


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