Ok, so this is an EXTREMELY important blog for me because i have finally found a place where a blog like this is appropriate. I'm gunna make a lil poll because I have probably the most important question I will ever ask.

First of all, i should make it clear that I am currently in the middle of a assive freakout and im finding it hard to type, so i will spell incorrectly. But just to give you some info, my question is about severe and constant dizziness that is disabling, related to anxiety. I have seen hundreds of specialist doctors and they all say I have nothing physically wrong with me to cause this severe and terrifying dizziness, therefore it has been diagnosed as an anxiety symptom. I have never belived that anxiety could cause this, because its been getting worse for years, and its even there when im not anxious at all. So, i urge EVERYONE who has ever suffered with dizziness to please answer these questions for me, it would really help me out and hopefully convince me once and for all that this is just down to anxiety. Also, this is just for those people who have dizziness that has been diagnosed as anxiety, and it has nothing to do with hyperventilating or anything like that.

1: Is your dizziness constant?

2: Does it make you nauseous?

3: Does it get worse the longer you are awake/later in the day

4: Does it cause your head/body to twitch?

5: Does it cause your vision to be jumpy?

6: Does it feel like your head is filled with water or that your head/brain is heavy?

7: If you answered yes to any of these questions, do you think/have you ever solved the problem or found a way to lessen it?

Just answer yes or no to these questions, or message me for more details. I really need your help, this has made me lose my mind AND my entire life…please give me some answers.


  1. daisycourt86 13 years ago

    iv experienced vertigo, off balance feeling and everything i look at is blurred funny looking. Iv also experienced the room spinning especially when laying down or turning my head a certain way, wh can also be caused by inner ear infections. i get the pressure feeling in my head sometimes to. most likely it is anxiety-

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  2. hatchedbird 13 years ago

    I think dizziness and disorientation is a symptom of panic attacks. I have experienced this. But it seems to me that you feel it is something else though. No one knows your body better than you. I wonder about you diet and sleep habits?? Maybe improving those areas of your life will help aleviate this scary symptom.  It sounds like you are describing vertigo. Did your doctors rule this out?

    Good luck, elfa!


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  3. llywater443 13 years ago

    I always feel in a daze, definitely dizzy and disoriented. Almost like there is a cloud in front of my eyes. Sounds stupid, huh?  I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 7 years ago and I have had this since. I am on meds that really seem to help and I only get hit with a super bad panic attack about once a year, but the after effects are what kill me. What you explain are some of the symptoms that I get when I am going through my spells, which I happen to be going through right now. Hang in there. I promise it will get better, even though it feels like it will never end and you will never feel "normal" again.

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  4. MaryKatherine 13 years ago

    To me that does not sound like panic attacks.  It sounds like you are saying these episodes last for hours at a time?  I agree with hatchedbird- have your doctors considered vertigo? If they haven't you should absolutley bring that up to them and even if they have ruled that out, perhaps a second opinion wouldn't hurt. 

    good luck

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