So I have to get surgery tomorrow on my mouth. because my gum grew over my wisdom tooth and I keep getting an infection. My cheeks are so swollen I look like a chipmunk. For a week I’ve been on the antibiotics which have been helping and vicodin. Which I never thought I would be taking. I’m suppose to take it every 4 hours. But I’m wicked afraid of getting addicted to it that I only take it at night and take 2 800 iburprofens every 4 hours. So the pain really isn’t going away. But I have to drive and have a life and can’t focus on either the vicodin or the antibiotic. So I have just been sleeping a lot. I also have to get all 4 wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow too.
Problem being is my insurance runs out on my 19th birthday which is 2 weeks away. So if I went to an oral surgeon to get put to sleep it could be longer than that. And I can’t tolerate the pain and I can’t pay for that without insurance. I am in 10 grand of debt! So I can’t get even more debt! :bowl:
So they’re giving me novacaine! I remember getting 6 teeth pulled for braces when I was 10 on novacaine I just remember sleeping a lot and eating a lot of ice-cream. But I’m worried about the gum and everything. 3 of the teeth won’t be bad but the last one with gum grown over it will be wicked painful. Everyone’s telling me I made a mistake but I don’t feel comfortable being put to sleep for minor surgery and I can’t afford it.
But what I’m really worried about is I won’t be able to smoke or drink coffee or diet coke for 3 days or eat anything except for mashed potatoes and ice cream(actually that’s not too bad :biggrin:) But I’ve been smoking since I was 11. But I know the consequences if I do smoke so I probably won’t. And I’m addicted to dietcoke and coffee. I have an addictive personality. I replaced doing drugs with diet coke and exercise. Couldn’t tell you why but at least they were healthier options.
But I’m going to get some rest since I have to be at the dentist by 9 am tomorrow(way earlier then I wake up).

Wish me luck!


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