To add to my already stressful week I get to spend the morning sitting in the Legal Aide office downtown to attempt to justify to them why my case is still in litigation. I had to explain to them that yes my divorce is cut and dry, and yes we had very little to argue over, and yes for the most part it is settled. So why is it not finished? Why are they still paying for it? Umm well because my ex-husband is a Jack a** and has gone M.I.A for the last 4months and stalled for everything before that. My lawyer even sent them a letter explaining the situation and asking for an extenuation. So now I wait and see whether or not my funding to pay for this bloody divorce gets cut or not. Even when that jack a** isn’t around he finds a way to screw me.

Then I come home to find out that the money I was suppose to have to pay my bills wont be there. So I spend the afternoon calling family begging for a loan to keep me going til I get paid again so that I don’t get cut off. No luck of course. No one has any money. everyone is in the same boat. So I must accept the fact that tomorrow i will get cut off for god knows how long. and pay a fortune some day down the line to get reconnected. I wish that dead beat ex would pay his child support. God where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Worse the week is not even over. I can feel it getting to me wearing me down. When I’m driving. I can feel my hear beating faster then it should, I can feel my hands trembling. My stomach flip flopping. just mild anxiety but I know where it leads. Its like the first drops of spill over before the damn breaks. Between everything that has happened this week I’m going to loose my mind.


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