Hi. my name is michael and this is my first time on a blog like this. I have been struggling with serious anxiety my whole life. it seems like a kind of had it under control for a long time up until about 4 months ago. I lost my job and quickly got into financial trouble and for some reason this time i just kind of caved in and could not deal with it. I went to a professional and he prescibed klonepin for anxiety and gabbapentum for sleeping (sorry for mispelling of meds) I stayed on the klonepin for about 3.5 months and then went cold turkey to get off. Man was that hard. I did however stay on the gabbapentum until about 5 days ago mainly because it was starting to make me feel anxious the next morning. I also have just moved to another state to try and get myself in a better environment to find a job at the same time. Last night it seems like all the terror I thought I had kinda gotten under control came back with a vengeance. I am totally panic stricken now and really don't know what I should do. I am afraid to take the gabbapentum tonight but I don't think I can endure another night like last night. I have not slept a minute in the last 36 hours. Can someone please help me to figure out what I should do?

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  1. Shelley5716 11 years ago

    Hi Michael … Welcome to the Tribe. I am sorry u are having a rough time. It sounds like u have been thru a lot here lately. Take time to adjust … maybe fina a new therapist in the area. Call friends or family to help talk u thru this … we are here for you. We will help and support any way we can. blogging does seem to help. I hope ur evening goes better! Keep in touch to let us know how ur doin ok …


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