It gets very frustrating when things I did before, I can't do now because of my OCD. I have had OCD for a while. But not only do I have OCD but I have thyroid issues to. I have been going to the doctor for my thyroid. Making sure the my thyroid level is normal is very important. I have also been going to see my therapist one a week. But nothing seems to help. I still have the crazy thoughts..and because I think these things I feel like I really want these things to happen.I went to the grocery store this morning. Well I started feeling like if I went into the grocery store that I wanted something bad to happen to the people in the store. Well then I try to reassure myself that I don't want that and start praying. So I force myself to go into the store. While in the store I get very anxious and upset because I feel of I look or touch anything im contaminating it. So I can hardly manage to pick up anything. Then while going through the check out line I have thoughts racing through my mind that if I give the cashier my debit card I want her to die. Or I there is someone behind me thoughts race through my mind that if I go in front of them I want something awful to happen to them. So I began to pray an hope that God knows that I really don't want all these thoughts to come true. As I get back to my car I start feeling guilty like I have just committed a crime, then I feel like I should call the police because of it. So I call my husband in a panic..and he try's to reassure me that's it's just my OCD but in my mind it feels like so much more. Like I actually want those things I thought to happen.My therapist suggested finding a support group so this is why I joined this group. I'm hoping I can find someone out there that can relate to me so I will have some hope that I'm not some crazy manic that is wanting to do all these horrible things.

  1. leannets 9 years ago

    hi there.i can relate to what you are saying .i think harm thoughts alot.i also have harm thoughts about myself.i have thougths of dying .it is very scary!!!!!!!! so you are not alone.

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  2. tbonechase 9 years ago

    I have the same issues With violent thoughts and obsessions. Just know ur not alone and others experience the same anxieties in public and in general:)

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  3. Omair12 9 years ago

     wel you can contact me on my email address [email protected] have to empower yourself because you know these thoughts are just thoughts and you know nothing is going to happen let the thoughts come and go.

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