No, I know I'm not going crazy. Yes, I know I pay attention. No, I'm not just being lazy. Yes, I'm worried. How could I not? I'm starting to lose my memory.

This problem sprang up in the past before, but it passed. Now it's back again and taking more of a toll than last time. Last time it was just forgetting things like a homework assignment that could be done in a few seconds, maybe a line for theater here and there, and normal, small things like that. This time, I'm starting to forget more than the time passed.

For example, I was sleeping over at my friend's house the other night. When I woke up, I was under the blanket. I was confused as to why my blanket didn't feel like my blanket normally on my bed. After a few moments of rubbing away the sleep, I took my head from under the blanket and flipped out! Ten minutes and a good talking-to later, I remembered that I had come over to her place to spend the night and I wasn't there to chill out.

That's actually a good example. 

More than half the time, I can't remember doing what I did, saying what I said, or anything else. Apparently my dad asked me to get him something from downstairs and bring it up to him, and he got mad at me because I never did. I don't remember ever going upstairs except for bedtime! I've racked my brain and I cannot seem to remember it…

There's been worse cases other than not bringing something up to my dad, but I'll spare the rant before I get the urge to punch through the window right beside me. I dunno what I should do… Is this something to be worried about? Should I try to find a hot line somewhere since I can't go to the doctors? Will this hopefully pass sometime soon and should I just deal with it through my upcoming driving school?

Jeez, who knew trying to remember a few things could lead to large worries? :/


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