Hey, D-tribe.

Here's a song that I have a feeling many of you will like…


I don't know…I liked it…

*New picture, I apologize if it's a bit too immature*

Well, I've just been noticing a lot of kids my age running around D-tribe, invading everything. To be honest, I feel bad for the adults, because, well…

when I first joined, I felt out of place. I thought I was too young, and this site was mainly for adults (esp. those that have been diagnosed with a depression or disorder…)

I thought I was just a silly kid whining about her problems…so I'd try connecting with the other kids, as well as adults.

I may just be imagining it, but I feel like as if D-tribe is being attacked by a rush of adolescents…

If you have possibly been thinking this, and dislike it-

I'd like to apologize.

With my pessimistic mindset, I've lately been concentrated on the idea that all kids are idiots and will grow up to be tamed adults, or die trying.

Though a part of me knows this is not true, but is just can't stop disrespecting my peers. This fire and rage boils my blood…I still don't know where all this rage comes from, though…

Anyways, you special people, you…

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the world. Go watch a sunset.

And savor it.

If your area hasn't chilled down yet for winter, enjoy it! While you still can!

That's all for today,

I'll be attempting to reply EVERYTHING this weekend…bye now.


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