From my experience, Anger has a great part of my life. I think the first expression of my baby picture was influenced by anger. It's an uncontrollable feeling, and like other strong emotions, it's undeniable.

How does anger come up? What exactly triggers the emotion? Well, from what I know, due to my own failures and discoveries, Anger is the justification of something that cannot be concluded. Like fear, anger is used as an end result, to let you know, and your body know, that changes in your logic or intellect are occurring. And the only way you can understand that, is through the influence of that emotion taking place, or happening at that moment. When you don't understand something, your body resorts to some sort of emotion, to feed, or act as an answer. Though anger may not always be the right way to go.. it is perfectly human by nature to feel angry. Unless of course you're like me, and tend to get indulgent in the feeling.

Sometimes it's hard to pin-point why exactly we need anger. I mean, when we experience anger, it's almost as if it does nothing to help us! But, it does, if you use it probably, and manipulate it to your own benefit. Sometimes anger can be a boost, or a spark. It can allow you to understand, and consider that maybe you get angry more, because you are unhappy and you need a change of scenery. It can sometimes prompt you to be better. But, again, in the wrong light, it can also spiral you down into a place that can be very difficult to get out of. And the only way you can get out of that hole, is to literally suck up your pride and ask for help. And when your angry, and depressed, asking for help is one of the hardest things to do.

Looking at Anger from an artistic view, can be most inspiring, and sometimes healthy for your imagination and creation. Anger is a beautiful, and at the same time, on ugly emotion. It allows us to be expressive of how we feel. It helps us to show one another, how a certain action, or situation can effect or harm us. Or it can prompt us to be more alert. But mostly, if intensified, it can cause us to become consumed by the emotion, and from there, can result into a fit of blind rage. Either way, the act of Anger is entirely majestic, and deadly if you decide to provoke someone who is already angry.

What good can Angry provide when it comes to a more social aspect? Have you ever had angry sex? Now now, don't be all disapproving of the question. Anger and sex, can sometimes be a rewarding combination. Anger, can usually be simmered by some sort of exertion of the body. A most common way to calm the spark and flame of anger is to push the body physically to its limits. And I don't mean by punching someone's face to a bloody pulp. I mean, if you can have sex being angry, and feel completely good about it afterward, more power to you! And who doesn't like a little roughness, dominating, and self-gratification every now and then. I'm sure your significant other wouldn't mind being reminded the strength and power that you possess. To ensure him and or her, that you are a strong individual that, with enough attentiveness to the needs, can be a positive reflection of one's being.

Apart from the sexual aspect of anger. There is a darker and more fearful side to the emotion. Sometimes, if not controlled properly, it can result in severely hurting someone, or even yourself. I have been to the point where I would self mutilate myself out of anger, just to feel pain rather than it, itself. I've had fits were I would punch glass, brick, and plaster bare knuckle. I would sometimes even bang my head on walls, to pound the frustration out of my being. Being negatively effected by anger has caused me to at many times push people away, for their own safety. Before, I had never been shy to show my anger, and even to provoke it out of others. My relationship with anger was unhealthy, and sincerely unsafe. But now that I am a bit older, I can grasp a fraction of anger, and prevent myself from doing the unthinkable.

Anger is the half that completes the whole. It is the strongest half that sits on the chain, breaking into smaller more defined emotions that categorize from one. Like it's counter part, love, it is the most understood and analyzed emotion. That both has consequences and qualities. But it takes a willing participant, and well mannered person to control it's power.


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