I want to thank all of my friends for your responses to my blog about my trip to Orlando. It made me feel good. I also wanted to say a special thank you to Jasper and AGC (Mary) for being so concerned for my well-being. I know I shouldn't drink, and I broke my own rule this weekend so that I could have a couple drinks with my friends and husband because he drinks so rarely. We sent all the alcohol home with them after we got back because we don't normally drink. I will make a promise that I will not drink while I'm on medications, which equates to I will not drink. I appreciate your concern for my health.

I just got up at 2:30 to use the restroom and have been up since. I think I took too long of a nap yesterday afternoon when we got back.

I was so mad because it was really dark in here and my Mom's dog came in and immediately peed on the floor. How did I find it? I ended up standing in the huge puddle trying to get back in bed. Grrrr! So I threw the dog out of the apartment and used most of a roll of paper towels to clean it all up. Then I had to go wash my feet and hands. Yuck.

So now I can't sleep because I've been up too long, the need for sleep has apparently gone away for tonight. That's okay, I can lay down with my husband when he gets home in the morning. Maybe I'll start cleaning the apartment since it won't bother anyone ~ everybody but me is upstairs (or at work). The only thing I can't do is vacuum because it's so noisy.

I'm excited about all the work I've done with decorating our apartment. It's coming out nicely. There's still entirely too much clutter and clothes and all of it needs togo, but at least I can relax some in here now.

Well, guess I better get to the cleaning if I'm going to. I wish everyone a happy Monday!

Love and (HUGS) ~ Key


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