I started today happy as bee, I had an amazing sunshiny feeling walking to Uni to do some radio broadcasting But my co host & friend for 5 years now – who I've also lived with for 3 years – totally deflated me He has a new bunch of friends and he does all these new things with them, he's done for so long now I am continually getting used to him letting me down and forgetting about me – I'm not selfish about him don't get me wrong I like all his new mates (he's friends with them because of his new boyfriend – who I also really really like) I don't mean to get bitter – the thing that bugs me is when he does spend time with me after them he belittles me and makes me feel stupid if I don't know about all the 'amazing' things he's done with the other lot I guess what annoys me most is his constant change of personality, I've known him long enough now to know when he's being himself and when he's being an utter douche bag & he acts that way because he thinks it's impressive I think he forgets I know him as well as I do I can't stand being around him when he's just bragging and not giving a damn about anyone else I guess the real issue here is that I'm really struggling at the moment & I could do with some friendship, all my friends are the same as me, they're doing last year of Uni and fighting the work an getting stressed I've spent 4 days home on my own because he's been with his other friends :/ I just want company & even tho I got some at the radio he dashed off straight after to be with the others again There's only so much of my own company I can take :s and I can't go home right now because I've got too much work to do here It's a bad situation, I'm so so stressed I'm trying not to let myself spiral out of control. Trying to listen to my body when it says to sleep or eat or run about cus otherwise my brain is gonna explode. Off for an afternoon power nap now to hopefully get my sunshiny spirit back.


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