Well i was released from my mental ward yesterday. I admitted myself last thursday because my aniexty was out of control and i thought i was having a break down. So i went to local emergency and told them i felt sudiciadel and they did the whole check up blood work and stuff. Now i did have a drink and a shot before i went and i had taken alot ativan that day. So when i talked to the crisis nurse she said i had some sort of drugs in my system and i told her that she was lying but she insisted on it (still looking into it getting medical records froom that day) She asked where my son was i told her outside. So she reported me for neglect. My stepfather was home and knew i wasnt feeling good. I was so upset that she did that cause the last thing i would do was neglect my son so that only made things worse. I arrived at the ward and they had me answering questions and strip search i was so upset they told my mom to come back in couple days. I cried the whole time. I had to stay in my hospital gown cause i had no clothes and i stayed in my room till night time and called my mom asked her to bring me some clothes. I was scared of what was going to go on and the people. Some nurses were so nice others were horrible. I stayed in my room for 2 days and slept then i started coming out for groups … it wasnt so bad. I had my own clothes then my mom bought me 5 sweat outfits. so i felt comfortable. Little things annoyed me like the frig was always locked only opened 3 times a day they didnt want you snacking. You had to get approval for EVERYTHING !!!! I couldnt use my shampoo cause i might drink it i couldnt use my head phones cause the cords were to long. There were groups all day but there were times were there was nothing to do and you were bored out of your mind and you started thinking and missing everyone. I say i got some use out of it but other than that it was like being in jail. I am doing a outpatient thing now starting monday. I hope never go back cause hurt more to be away from my son.

  1. lostandlonelygirl 15 years ago

    I know how you feel.I went to the emergency room and called 911 twice because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. If the ativan isn’t working, you really should try zoloft.My grandma takes it and she has horrible anxiety also and it helps her a LOT.I am just trying to be helpful here. I don’t like seeing people suffer and from what I just read you are going through a hell of a time. Those nurses are so stupid reporting you for child abuse. Once they see how good of a mother you are they will probably drop it though.

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  2. brokenfairy_38 15 years ago

    Oh my goodness! What happened to you was just awful. I know how it is when your in “the ward”. I got so sick and tried hearing them holler “GROUP !” that nurse went way overboard with reporting you. …. She at least could have been smart enough to notice that you DID come in for help, that says alot about someone … when there are plenty of people that wouldn’t budge an inch to get help for themselves. …. Refering to the drugs that were supposed to be in your system maybe it wasn’t what it was.. but the amount that was there, add the alcohol and you’ve got some knitted eyebrows looking at you for sure. But, once again they should have considered the fact that you saw the signs and brought yourself in. You would think that they would rather see you walk in on your own rather than being brought in because of some intervention. …. I’m glad to hear you are home again and you get to see your son. …. I can’t stand to be away from my children too long either. …. Keep up the good work, you seem to be ontop of things …Good luck!! … Kim

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  3. sorrowfulpoet 15 years ago

    I know how it is, my dog helps me fight this and the last hospital stay was thankfully brief. But if they can help you at all don’t forget they’re there. I don’t completely understand how taking away freedoms helps, but appearently it does for some people. Keep fighting.

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